Park Run EXTRA: Monaghan Town [15.02.20]

  • Average Number of Runners: 65.8
  • Average run Time: 31’28”
  • Average Number of Runs/Runner: 5.8
  • Biggest Attendance: 153
  • Female Record: 19′ 49″
  • Male Record: 16′ 28″
Michael, Lisa, Me, Margaret

I was in Monaghan for the weekend so there was no opportunity to cross one of the 23 Dublin Park Runs off the list so I went with Margaret and Michael McElroy and Lisa McGlade to run the Monaghan Town Park Run. Despite the weather being wet and miserable, there was a great turnout. It’s amazing the people you meet at Park Runs – I am a slow runner but I thought to myself, at least I could consider myself to be the fastest Cork man in the field today- Hey, we look for glory where ever we can find it. But do you think I could catch a break? Unbelievably there was a group of lads from Youghal A.C. who happened to be in Monaghan and decided to do the Park Run. Big strapping Cork lads! And so I quietly melted back into the crowd.

Me with AnneMarie McCleary who got us all organised!

As you would expect, the organisers were friendly, helpful and encouraging. At least we got to run to keep ourselves warm, but the organisers and volunteers had to stand in the rain guiding us on – It’s impossible to overstate the great work that the unpaid Park Run community does every single week with such professionalism.

And so we headed off. Blimey, no wonder the Monaghan team are doing well in the football if this is a taste of their training grounds – Without doubt the most challenging Park Run to date. The route itself is beautiful. It winds it’s way around the forrest and along the river in Rossmore Forest Park but it seems to defy science as I’m sure there is way more up hill than down hill. But it was an engaging challenge! Young and old alike powering along the trail. Everyone encouraging everyone else – Brilliant.

My time was nothing to write home about, but then again who gives a damn about time. Margaret, Micheal, Lisa and I dragged ourselves out of warm beds into a rainy day and did it – We were very pleased with ourselves on the road home! I recommend it to all. The day finished on a high for me as I was presented with the new Monaghan Special Olympic Club colours – An official running shirt and track top with my name and the challenge on it! I felt very sporting elite !!!!!! And so the adventure continues – Please continue to support our fantastic Special olympic athletes wherever in the world you are!!

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