Park Run #4: Cabinteely Park [22.02.20]

  • Average Number of Runners: 123.5
  • Average run Time: 29’12”
  • Average Number of Runs/Runner: 6.2
  • Biggest Attendance: 402
  • Female Record: 19′ 19″
  • Male Record: 16′ 26″

I woke up this morning with the onset of one of the worst ailments to ever befall a person….man-flu! My throat was sore, nose was blocked, joints felt a bit stiff – This I thought could go full blown!! It was windy and a bit drizzly out, the bed was warm and comfy. As I lay there having a rethink about the morning plans, convincing myself, sure what’s one Saturday down out of a whole year of Saturdays I suddenly remembered the interview from yesterday and all the well wisher comments on social media and I said to myself, why the hell could I not have done the interview tomorrow. I’m going to look like a right eejit now if I cry off. So I dragged myself out of bed and got ready for the Cabinteely Park Run.

With Eadaoin on her first outing as Race Director

It’s only about 5 miles to Cabinteely which was just as well because as they say in some parts, It was so windy the hen laid the same egg three times!  I have never been to Cabinteely park before, despite the fact that I have been living so close to it for 25 years. It is beautiful with an impressive stately home. There were certainly some very well off folk around these parts a hundred or so years ago. Although I did notice one particular feature about the park, it’s basically all on the side of a hill. Yes, a runners dream –  hills and wind. 

The finish line on the side of the hill!!

The starting format of all Park runs are fairly similar. People gather near the start point and the race organiser, using a megaphone, gives out some do’s and don’ts, gives a few tips about the course and congratulates any milestone runners. One participant was doing her 50th Park Run! The start is at the top of a steep hill and I thought to myself, I’ll feel every inch of that hill at the end. Well as it turned out, I didn’t have to wait till the end to sample the delights of the hill. Cabinteely is a three loop run, one short, two long but they all include the hill. It’s a lovely run and in fairness the hills or the hill x 3 didn’t take from the kick of just being out there. The third time up the hill, which is the home straight, demanded a big push and I was surprised that I was moving relatively well up it. But just on the off-chance that I may get carried away with my running skills, a lady who was at least 10-15 years my senior, powered past me with an encouraging ‘You’ll get there’ shout out of support. I did get there and congratulated the lady at the finish line. 

It was yet another very mediocre run-time but you have to understand, I was running with developing man-flu. You may think finishing the race is praise worthy but as far as I’m concerned, the fact I survived at all to tell the tale is bloody miraculous!! But as usual, the Special Olympics folk out-heroed me once again. As I was coming home from the run, my wonderful niece Clare texted me a picture of her just finishing the Monaghan Town Park Run. To be in such company is deadly!! The adventure continues.

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