Park Run EXTRA: Monaghan Town [07.03.20]

  • Average Number of Runners: 67.3
  • Average run Time: 31’30”
  • Average Number of Runs/Runner: 5.9
  • Biggest Attendance: 153
  • Female Record: 19′ 49″
  • Male Record: 16′ 28″
Ready for the off: Clare, Lorraine, Me, Margaret, Michael, Molly, Conor

This was an out of Dublin weekend so there was going to be no Dublin Parkrun. The stats remain 5 done, 18 to do. I was in Monaghan for the 80th birthday party of a dear aunt, Margaret. So in order to keep the run of Park Runs going (6 weeks unbroken) I decided to do the Monaghan Park Run again. It turned out to be quiet the family affair and quite a large group of us headed out.. As you can see they are a fine looking bunch of people. I really will have to start mixing with  uglier people, I do not come out well being photographed with this bunch! 

It was the first time I was attending the same Park Run as my Special Olympic athlete niece Clare, so I was not going to pass up the opportunity to do it alongside her. This was my first Park Run Walk – Now I say walk but at times Clare would decide to stretch the legs and run a bit. Thank goodness she decided to walk the course with me because I could not keep up with her running!!

It’s actually a lovely experience to walk the course. This was my 18th Parkrun and all of them have been in beautiful surroundings but all of them to date have been a bit of a blur as I concentrated on trying to get enough air into my heaving lungs, keep my legs moving and staying upright. Sweat tends to blur the vision I find. But today, I was able to admire the beauty of Rossmore Park. The Park Run is all within a wooded area that weaves a path along a flowing river. The air is sweet and the light of the morning sun pushing it’s way through the canopy of leaves above is exquisite.  For the first few minutes we are amongst runners and all is hustle and bustle, but then the woods are left to the walkers and all becomes quiet. We chat and joke as we walk. Clare has a killer sense of humour! 

The walk was two laps of the path. Conor, Molly and Margaret after finishing their run, continued on and caught up with Clare and I as we were half way through our second lap. The craic was mighty! Sights and sounds that I missed before were now to be enjoyed. Including an incredible piece of forest art – The reclining giant!! It’s funny, normally I am delighted to see the finish, I’m usually giving it one final push, legs are pumping and normal breathing is only meters away, I think I have mentioned before, I am not a pretty runner.  But today I was genuinely disappointed to see the end line. I would have happily walked a third and even fourth lap! And so my most enjoyable Parkrun came to an end. 

Done and dusted. Lisa joins the gang of happy walkers & runners.

At the moment the world seems to be going to Hell in a handcart and some fecker has just put a motor on it! Brexit, Trump, biblical storms and now killer viruses. It’s enough to make you wonder what the point of everything is – Well, do yourself a favour and next Saturday morning go to your local Park Run. You can run, walk, skip, dance your way around it, but just go out and do it. To spend time with the type of lovely people who venture out each week on the Parkrun, in such beautiful surroundings will soon show what life is really all about – And the adventure continues.

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